CMMCh presents preliminary results of the second study of air quality in Asuncion

Second Study of Air Quality developed in Asunción, Paraguay, was presented recently.
Stands out as a highly positive enactment of the Act 5211714 Air Quality, which assigns functions to the Directorate General of Air (DGA) and the formulation and implementation of the quality parameters of permissible and enforceable air.
The study of air quality was conducted as part of a partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the National Commission for Protection of Natural Resources (CONADERNA), the Mario Molina Center for Strategic Studies energy and Environment in Chile, Municipality of Asunción, Cadam, Petrobras and the Environment Secretariat (SEAM).

The preliminary report was presented by Matías Tagle, from Mario Molina Center Chile. The same, trained on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 people from DGA, CONADERNA, and SEAM in processes of formulation and processing parameters for Air Quality Guidelines, which, according to the provisions of Law 5211/14, must be made by resolution at least the 3rd of July of 2015.


From left to right: Matías Tagle, Mario Molina Center Chile, Fernando Silva Facetti, senator, Cristina Morales, Minister of Ministry of Environment-SEAM, mayor of Asuncion, economist Arnaldo Samaniego, Regis Sawitzki, CEO of Petrobras-Paraguay, Juan Cabral, fuel director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade-MIC, Juan Pecci, Chamber of distributors of automotive and machinery-CADAM.

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