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AtmósferaResearch in air pollution complex problems, facilitating the comprehension of its causes and the follow-up of the impact of the emission sources responsible for the problem. More Info

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EnergíaPromoting cleaner and low emission energies and technologies, based on the characteristics of its benefits as a solution to climate change and complex problems of air pollution. Developing innovative proposals that will facilitate its adaptation.More Info


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Workshop: “Proposals for the Decontamination Plan for the Metropolitan Region of Chile”.

On July 24th, 2014, the submission of proposals for the Decontamination Plan for the Metropolitan Region of Santiago was performed. The workshop was attended by Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Mario Molina, the Environment Minister Pablo Badenier, varied national authorities and international visitors. Presentations: Climate Change and air pollution, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Mario Molina. (*) Atmospheric [...]

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President of Chile meets Mario Molina.

The President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, received in  hearing to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and world expert in Climate Change, Mario Molina. Mexican scientist was awarded the prize in 1995,  with the American Sherwook Rowland and Danish Paul Crutzen , for his research on the threat to the ozone layer of the Earth, by [...]

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CMMCh presents preliminary results of the second study of air quality in Asuncion

Second Study of Air Quality developed in Asunción, Paraguay, was presented recently. Stands out as a highly positive enactment of the Act 5211714 Air Quality, which assigns functions to the Directorate General of Air (DGA) and the formulation and implementation of the quality parameters of permissible and enforceable air. The study of air quality was [...]

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